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I hail from Mumbai, India. I am a Software Engineer with Masters in Business Administration, a Data Enthusiast, an amateur Teacher and a Self-Learner. I believe in doing Good Work and always chase Perfection and Satisfaction. My motto is "Keep Learning, Keep Growing."

My passion for playing around with data, discovering insights thereby leading to ease in human efforts and effective decision making was realised during my post graduation. Since then my relation has only grown stronger with analytics, machine learning and data visualisation. SAS,R programming and Tableau are few of the tools I have taught myself which has helped me to dive deep into Analytics. I take deep interests in ways how Data Science can enhance human lives to solve complex issues in Health,Travel and Service industry.

I'm also into Yoga, Creative artworks, Journaling, Trekking and Cooking in my leisure time.

Check out my Portfolio for some of the projects I’ve worked on. Feel free to Contact me for any opportunities or feedback.

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My Projects: Few cool stuffs done by me! Take a Look.

( Many New Projects will soon be Added..Work in Progress)

Machine Learning Analytics
Decision Trees and Random Forest Classification Modeling

Predicting Loan Defaulters

Model Building to Predict whether Customers will Succesfully Repay the Loans or No.

Clustering and Segmentation
K - Means Clustering Algorithm

Wine Quality Segmentation

Classifying the wines into appropriate distinguished Optimal Clusters having similar chemical properties in each clusters.

Machine Learning Analytics
Linear Regression Predictive Modeling in R

Real Estate Price Prediction

A Regression Model which Predicts the Property Prices based on distinguised parameters.

Machine Learning Analytics
Decision Trees and Random Forest Regression Modeling

Sales Prediciton of Counterfeit Medicines

Build predictive model for predicting sales figures given other information related to counterfeit medicine selling operations.

Time Series Analysis
ARIMA Model in Manufacturing Industry

Forecasting Tractor Sales

A Time Series ARIMA model to forecast sale / demand of Tractors for next 3 years for a farm equipment manufacturing company.

Machine Learning Analytics
Logistic Regression Predictive Modeling in R

Bank's Marketing Campaign

A Regression Model which Predicts Customers to be Targeted in order to roll out term deposits by a bank.

Statistical Analysis Mini Project
Univariate Statistics

Statistical Data Analysis

Exploring Univariate Statistics in R and analysing patients being treated with Arthritis.

Data Preparation Mini Project
Income Data Preparation of a Population

Data Preparation in R

Project involves data preparation of a dataset which includes income ranges and various attributes of a population belonging to a region in order to make it fit for futher analysis and model building.

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